BOOKE - innovative aluminium bookend










BOOKE is an innovative bookend made of aluminum. It has integrated lighting and is a perfect alliance of elegance and modern production technology. The matt aluminum surface makes the design timeless. The three LEDs create a pleasant atmosphere. The switch is hidden inconspicuously in one of the pillars. The electric cables run through an extruded profile. This was achieved by a special composite extrusion process. BOOKE can hold books on two sides or be used as a separate lamp.
















BOOKE is manufactured out of conventional aluminum alloys using novel production technology.

During extrusion with glass fiber, isolated nickel braids are embedded accurately inside the aluminum profile. In this way, it is possible to produce profiles with integrated functions in a single step. No further joining operations are required. For the composite extrusion process, special porthole dies are used. Cables are fed from the side into the extrusion tools and are redirected in press direction. In the welding chamber of the die, the wires bond with the aluminum base material.

The base plate is connected to the pillars by water pressure joining. The pillars are conventional extruded aluminum tubes. The caps of the pillars are fixed by electromagnetic forming. Joining occurs within 25 microseconds by applying an electromagnetic field - 4000 times faster than in a blink of an eye! Friction stir welding is applied to join two extruded profiles to create the resting surface for books.