J. Fleischer, G. Lanza, M. Otter, W. Pangboonyanon:
In: International Conference on Manufacture of Lightweight Components ? ManuLight2014


kein Abstract vorhandenIn this paper an approach for a precise assembly of space-frame-structures is presented, while each of the single components features production-related deviations. The first section shows the results for the compensation of production-related deviations for dimensionally curved profiles in a space-frame-structure. The actual approach deals with the machining of the profile-end segments. Thus, the spatial alignment of the entire profile-contour can be optimized and therefore be adjusted to the theoretical profile-contour. In the second section, a flexible clamping-gripper for the assembly of space-frame-structures is presented. With this gripper, it is possible to handle and clamp different profiles for a certain assembly process.