Weinert, K.; Kersting, M.; Schulte, M.; Peters, C.:
In: Production Engineering – Research and Development, Annals of the German Academic Society for Production Engineering, XII (2005) 1, pp. 101-104


During a machining process different kinds of loads affect the workpiece. Beside the mechanical influence of the cutting tool the thermal load induced into the machined material has to be considered. In order to understand the occurring effects inside the workpiece during and after the load is applied through the machining process, the employment of the finite element analysis has proven to be a helpful tool. This paper describes the development of finite element simulation concepts for the computation of the thermal load affecting thin-walled aluminum profiles during the drilling process. The concepts consider the transient characteristic of the machining process and are evaluated concerning the accuracy of the simulation results and the required computation time. The results of the final modeling concept show a good correlation with temperatures measured in experimental drilling tests and can be utilized to enhance existing mechanical models by the thermal component in order to obtain integrated simulation concepts.