Chatti, S.; Pietzka, D.; Ben Khalifa, N.; Jäger, A., Selvaggio, A.:
In: Proceedings of ESAFORM 2012, Key Engineering Materials Vols. 504-506, pp. 269-374, Trans Tech Publications


This paper shows some product and process developments at the Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction of the TU Dortmund University supporting the lightweight construction. It presents the manufacturing of lightweight profiles by hot extrusion and their benefits as well as their design, material, and manufacturing potential for lightweight construction. Examples of process extensions in hot extrusion like curved profile extrusion, twisted profile extrusion and manufacturing of functional graded profiles and profiles with variable crosssections during extrusion are shown. These procedures allow a flexible change of the profile geometry or contour in longitudinal axis and, therefore, support the shape lightweight construction. Other extensions like composite profile extrusion and energy efficient extrusion of profiles from scrap materials like chips support the material lightweight construction. The manufacturing and use of these profiles allow the realisation of diverse lightweight construction principles and promise to become a pillar of lightweight construction in future.