G. Lanza, J. Fleischer, C. Munzinger, J. Elser:
In: VDI Fortschritt-Berichte, Integration von Umformen, Trennen und Fügen für die flexible Fertigung von leichten Tragwerkstrukturen, Reihe 2, Nr. 678, VDI Verlag Düsseldorf, 2011, S. 339-362


One of the main challenges within the SFB/TR 10 process chain consists in handling and precise machining of variable formed profiles without changing over the jigs and fixtures. For this the profile contour as well as the spatial position and orientation of the profile have to be known. To provide this information, a component-specific scale for contour detection and precision posi-tioning of multi-dimensionally formed extrusion profiles was developed and realised. The scale is scribed onto the surface of the profile by a laser. To determine the contour, the scale is scanned using digital image processing and the profile contour is measured by a laser triangula-tion sensor. This article describes the general approach, the achieved measurement accuracies as well as the implementation of this approach within an automated process chain for the flexible production of space-frame structures.