M. Merzkirch, K. A. Weidenmann, V. Schulze:
In: Proceedings, TMS 2011, February 27 – March 3, San Diego, California, 135 -142, 2011


Unidirectionally reinforced light weight compounds based on light metals such as the aluminium alloy EN AW-6082 are adequate materials for the future use in transportation means like automobiles and airplanes. Due to the occurring cyclic loads knowledge about the crack growth behaviour of such composites is needed. The investigations at a load ratio of R = 0.18 show that the crack growth rate of the aluminium matrix is reduced if reinforced by spring steel wire with a reinforcing ratio of only about 1 Vol.-%. Additionally, the acoustic emission analysis allows detecting crack growth within the matrix material, crack propagation along the interface wire/matrix and crack closure which could also be determined with the help of a self designed capacitive displacement measuring gauge. The damage behaviour could be verified by metallographic and SEM investigations.