Marré, M.; Ruhstorfer, M.; Tekkaya, A. E. ; Zaeh, M. F.:
In: Procceedings: Material Science and Technology 2009 Conference and Exhibition


Within the German Collaborative Research Center SFB/TR10 new composite materials are produced by composite extrusion and shall be joined to a lightweight frame structure. Lightweight profiles and sheet metals manufactured by composite extrusion are made of an aluminum matrix and embedded steel wires. The joining of reinforced and conventional profiles has been investigated taking joining by hydroforming, joining by electromagnetic compression and Friction Stir Welding into account. The paper presents how to assemble such composite profiles as well as the joining processes and strategies which were developed for machining the composite material. Experimental and analytical investigations are presented for joining by forming and welding techniques. Furthermore, guidelines are given which describe the execution of the joining process as well as the joint design. This paper gives a general review of the scientific work in joining of the Collaborative Research Center during the years 2006 to 2009. Therefore, the presented results were partly published at ICNFT07 (Bremen, Germany) [1], Esaform 09 (Twente, The Netherlands) [2] and IS on FSW09 (Awaji Island, Japan) [3].