Fleischer, J.; Kies, S.; Stengel, G.:
In: wt – Werkstattstechnik online 09/2005


Using the innovative process of rounding during extrusion, spatially curved extruded profiles can be flexibly manufactured. This facilitates the cost-effective production of lightweight structures with curved profiles even for small series. Due to the extrusion process a continuous flow of material is unavoidable. The profiles have to be separated reactionlessly during the extrusion following the complex trajectory of the cut-off point in space. Because of the high accelerations which occur during the spatial motion of the profile the trajectory is separated into the slow motion of an industrial robot guiding the cut-off device and a fast superposed movement generated by a specially designed clamping device with redundant axes. To synchronize the motions according to the real extrusion velocity a server-based central control unit is used. Based on this background, the paper discusses a method for generating the trajectories and programming and controlling the movements.