Fleischer, J.; Munzinger, C.; Lanza, G.; Ruch, D.:
In: CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, Jahrgang 2009, Heft/Band Volume 58, Issue 1, Verlag Elsevier B.V., ISBN/ISSN 0007-8506, S. 481-484


Flexible and automated small-batch production requires a high degree of facility adaptability for the product to be manufactured. Here spatially curved profiles pose a particular challenge in terms of the exact positioning and the assurance of component quality during the machining process. This paper describes the concept and implementation of a metrological approach to the positioning of spatially curved tube profiles for profile machining. Single laser markings put on the component surface are combined into a component-specific scale. The design of the markings is derived systematically considering the boundary conditions. The component-specific scale also constitutes the basis for an incremental identification of the profile contour, allowing for flexible inline quality assurance for almost any type of curved profile contours. Profile geometries can be described regardless of contours by means of cubic spline interpolation.