Tillmann, W.; Vogli, E.; Weidenmann, K.; Fleck, K.:
In: Proc. of ITSC 2005, Basel/Schweiz, 2.–4.05.2005, Br. 658


Nowadays the use of light weight materials increases rapidly. Owing to growing requirements regarding material properties and corresponding production costs new material designs and novel production concepts are needed. The low density of aluminium and its alloys is accompanied by lower Young’s modules and lower strengths compared to steel. These disadvantages regarding to stiffness and strength can be overcome by using a composite material consisting of aluminium and embedded endless reinforcing elements. In this work a novel technology based on the thermal spraying process to manufacture endless reinforcing elements for extrusion molding of Al-profiles will be discussed. A specific handling system for arc-spraying Al-alloys onto steel wires has been developed. The influence of the coatings materials and coating parameters on the subsequent extrusion moulding process has been studied.