M. Schikorra, L. Donati, L. Tomesani, M. Kleiner:
In: Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 191, Issues 1-3, 1 August 2007, Pages 288-292


The extrusion of a AA6060 simple round profile has been realized on a laboratory 10 MN press by means of grid test analysis. The deforming billet has been equipped with 19 markers (rods of an AA4043 alloy) in order to evaluate the flow path inside the container at different process stages. The evolution of the process parameters suitable for FEM simulation validation (load of the ram, container, die and profile temperature, ram position, and speed) has also been recorded. Two different ram speeds, and two extrusion stages have been performed and compared with the extrusion of a billet without rods. The billet rests have then been milled at the rod`s middle plane and the deformed grids have been measured in order to estimate the friction effect throughout the billet length. The distance between each rod, the deformation respect the undeformed shape, and the position in the middle of the billet were measured in the partially extruded billets.