T. Kloppenborg, M. Schikorra, J. P. Rottberg, A. E. Tekkaya:
In: Advanced Materials Research: Flexible Manufacture of Lightweight Frame Structures - Phase II: Integration , Volumes 43 (2008), pp. 81-88


This paper presents the results of investigations on topology optimizations in extrusion dies. The change of material viscosity of finite elements in the numerical model is utilized to allow or to block the material flow through the finite elements in simplified two-dimensional extrusion models. Two different optimization procedures are presented. In the first part of the paper dead zones in a flat and in a porthole die were improved by enhance the streamlining of the extrusion die. In the second part an evolutionary optimization algorithm has been used to optimize the extrusion die topology in order to reduce the difference between the strand exit velocities in a multi extrusion process. Finally, both methods were sequentially combined.