M. Schikorra, M. Kleiner:
In: Vol. 56/1 CIRP Annals, General Assembly in Dresden 2007


The attempt to combine the excellent mechanical properties of composite materials with the great economic benefit of conventional extrusion of lightweight profiles has led to the development of an extrusion process for standard EN-AW 6060 billets in compound with endless wires or fiber materials. To comprehend the gen-eral conditions during composite formation, thermo-mechanically coupled Finite Element Models based on Lagrangian and Eulerian formulations have been set up to analyze the mechanical boundary conditions for composite formation and the influence on the material flowing during the extrusion process. The three-dimensional models provide insights on the development of stresses in the base as well as reinforcement material, which helps to find dominating process parameters to prevent the reinforcement from experimen-tally determined cracking.