Weidenmann, K.A.; Fleck, C.; Schulze, V.; Löhe, D. :
In: International Journal of Materials Research (früher: Zeitschrift für Metallkunde), 98 [1] 39-46, 2007


Compound-extruded unidirectionally reinforced lightweight profiles are a novel class of materials for the construction of load-bearing structures. The authors present investigations of the reinforcing effect of ropes in compound-extruded aluminium profiles under quasistatic loading conditions. In particular, the compounds were characterised by examination of the interface between matrix and reinforcing element, as the compound’s internal load transfer is crucial factor the overall mechanical properties. It could be shown, that in addition to a form fit a diffusional bond evolves and that both Young’s modulus and tensile strength could be increased by using a rope reinforcement. Furthermore, the attained results are compared with Kelly’s model, which was adapted to the deformation behaviour of compounds containing a single reinforcement.