Weidenmann, K.A.; Kerscher, E.; Schulze, V.; Löhe, D. :
In: Materials Science and Engineering A 424, 205-211, 2006


The use of aluminium in lightweight profiles for vehicle spaceframes is state of the art due to the material’s low density combined with good specific mechani-cal properties. Nevertheless, the absolute stiffness and strength of aluminium is rather low in comparison to steels. A possibility to increase both stiffness and strength of aluminium-based structures is the use of compound-extruded pro-files in which high-strength metallic reinforcements are incorporated. Within the scope of the present investigations, compound-extruded profiles with wire-reinforcements made of stainless spring steel 1.4310 (X10CrNi18-8), nickel-base superalloy Inconel 718 or cobalt-base alloy Haynes 25 in an AA6060 alu-minium matrix were characterized in terms of the debonding shear strength us-ing the push-out-technique. In addition to variing the reinforcement materials, the investigations focussed on the influence of different chemical and mechani-cal pre-treatments.