Baier, H.; Huber, M.; Gleichmar, R. :
In: Aluminium, International Journal for Industrie, Research and Application, Volume 80 12/December 2004, S. 1417-1421


The aim of the investigations is a formalized process to combine structural and manufacturing requirements in design optimisation tasks. Examples are given for extruded unidirectional reinforced Aluminium or Magnesium profiles and their behaviour under structural and thermal loads including manufacturing constraints. Starting from these constraints, two methods for an enhancement of structural optimization in early design phases are presented. With the help of Fuzzy Logic, expert knowledge and qualitative statements can be integrated in order to ensure the completeness of the optimization task. The number of costly ‘exact’ optimisation iterations can be reduced with approximating Response Surface Methods, whereupon nonlinearities in the system behaviour related to design variables have to be considered as well. An approach for treating such behaviour is discussed.