Weidenmann, K.A.; Kerscher, E.; Schulze, V.; Löhe, D.:
In: Advanced Materials Research: Flexible Manufacture of Lightweight Frame structures, Band 10 (2006), S.23-34


Compound-extruded unidirectionally reinforced lightweight profiles are a novel class of materials for the realisation of load-bearing structures. They may be fabricated in a flexible and rapid near-net-shape process. The authors present investigations of the reinforcing effect of wires in compound-extruded aluminum profiles under quasi-static tension and compression. In particular, the compounds were characterized by metallographic examinations focusing on the fracture morphology. Furthermore, specimens subject to compression tests were examined using micro computer tomography (p-CT) and light microscopy (LM). It is shown, that the mechanical properties of wire-reinforced profiles are improved under boih positive and negative quasi-static loads in comparison to non-reinforced profiles.