Lanza, G., Fleischer, J., Ruch, D.:
In: Advanced Materials Research, Band 10 (2006) S. 153-162


With a novel extrusion process which is investigated in the Collaborative Research Center Transregio 10 (SFB/TR10), it is possible to manufacture spatially cuwed aluminum profiles. This process is the base for an automated small and medium size batch production of light-weight frame structures. For the handling and machining of the spatially curved profiles, highly flexible machines and manufacturing equipment are needed. Today´s automated process chains do not reach a sufficient flexibility. This article introduces a new approach to handle and machine spatially curved profiles using a flexible gripping and clamping system. Firstly, the requirements conceming the process comprehensive gripping technology, which have to be fulfilled for a flexible small and medium batch production of light-weight fiame structures, are specified. Subsequently, the function and design of a flexible gripping and clamping system are described. Furthermore, metrological processes to maintain a once reached condition of order during the entire process chain are depicted.