M. Merzkirch, A. Reeb, K. A. Weidenmann, A. Wanner, V. Schulze:
In: J. Acoustic Emission, 29, 317-328, 2011


In the field of lightweight construction for transportation means, hybrid structures composed of high-strength and low-density materials exhibit a high application potential. As a viable approach to increase the stiffness, strength and fatigue life of light-metal sections, spring steel (301SS) wires are incorporated into the matrix material via composite extrusion. This work investigated the deformation and damage behavior of wire-reinforced hybrid samples with aluminum (EN AW-6082) and magnesium (AZ31) matrices under quasi-static and cyclic loads. The mechanical tests are accompanied by acoustic emission (AE) analysis. The results show that the AE analysis allows for the detection of the plastic deformation under pure tensile as well as under cyclic load for both composites. Furthermore, the damage can be detected and located so that the AE analyses lead to a detailed insight to damage mechanisms like crack growth, debonding of the matrix material from the interface and fracture of the components