Becker, D.; Klaus, A.; Kleiner, M.:
In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Technology of Plasticity (ICTP), Verona, 2005


This article describes the enhancement of a new technology to manufacture three-dimensionally curved profiles especially for lightweight structures. Due to the fact that the bent profiles do not come up with the required component properties, the curved profile extrusion represents an alternative to the conventional bending processes. This technology is, regarding the two-dimensional curvature case, on the verge of industrial implementation. The enhancement towards the three-dimensional application implicates new problems by certain influences, in particular the gravity. The quenching while the profile exits the press will play a decisive role because it is not only used to realise the microstructure of the material which is essential for high tensile strength, but also to minimise the influence of the gravity in the form of an undesired warm bending process superimposed on the curved profile extrusion.