Langhorst, M.; Zaeh, M. F.:
In: Fortschr. Ber. VDI Reihe 2 Nr. 668, VDI-Verlag Düsseldorf, 2009, S.331-351, ISBN 978-3-18-366802-1


The flexible setup of lightweight structures requires adaptability in chaining the single manufacturing processes. The objective of the project C7 is to prepare single simula-tions of manufacturing steps. These are investigated in the project domain B, and will be integrated into an entire model to estimate the structural loads. Thus, an analysis of the structural loads during and after the manufacturing process is possible. The purpose is to develop an integrated model of the structural effects due to the manufacturing process of lightweight structures that lends itself to experimentation. This enables achieving the requirements concerning the accuracy of the results and the re-quired flexibility of the modelled process chain. An important condition for keeping the flexibility of the entire model is to reduce its degree of complexity. Only by decreasing the modelling effort the simulation is efficient enough to perform variation analyses. These multiple computations will help to identify the principles between different influ-encing factors of the processes and reactions of the entire structure. The ascertained results will be an integral part of the design and construction phase.