Biermann, D.; Weinert, K.; Zabel, A.; Engbert, T.; Rautenberg, J.:
In: In: Flexible Manufacture of Lightweight Frame Structures – Phase II: Integration, Weinert, K. et al. (eds.), TTP Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland, Advanced Materials Research (2008) Vol. 43, ISBN 0-87849-385-9, pp. 37-46


Lightweight frame components made of aluminum and load optimized connecting elements allow the reduction of weight and energy consumption as well as the increase of payload. Complex frame structures which nowadays can be designed and optimized with the help of modern simulation technologies require the use of adapted manufacturing technologies. Especially the flexible machining of single or limited products on the basis of common machining strategies is still inefficient and economically unacceptable. This article describes the development of adequate strategies for a high quality machining using simultaneous five-axis milling. Consequently, the machining of composite extruded aluminum profiles with continuously embedded steel-wire elements and the preparation of joining areas on nodes and commonly extruded profiles for innovative joining by forming processes have been analyzed.