T. Kloppenborg, T. Hammers, M. Schikorra, E. Kerscher, A. E. Tekkaya, D. Löhe:
In: Advanced Materials Research: Flexible Manufacture of Lightweight Frame Structures - Phase II: Integration , Volumes 43 (2008), pp.167-174


For an increase in safety against crack initiation and growth in metallic structures of airplanes different concepts were developed in the past. In the focus of this work are profiles made of continuously reinforced extruded aluminum. The production and the used die set of these profiles is presented as well as problems occurring in terms of geometrical inaccuracies of the embedded high strength wires. In addition, this paper attends to the problem of lateral seam weld formation. The interface between the AA-2099 as well as AA-6056 aluminum alloy and the high strength wires Nivaflex and Nanoflex were characterized by metallurgic investigations and push-out tests. As a result it can be stated that a sufficient geometrical accuracy could be achieved and a high interface strength can be accomplished even if a slight gap is still present in the interface layer between matrix and reinforcing element.