M. Schikorra, L. Donati, L. Tomesani, E. Tekkaya:
In: Proceedings of International Workshop and Extrusion Benchmark, 20.9.-21.9.2007, Bologna, Italy, ISBN 978-88-548-1286-4


The demand for properties and quality in extruded profiles stretches the ability of extruders and die makers to the limit: ever more complex sections, hard alloys, emerging technologies and microstructure control are just some of manufacturers’ every-day concerns. Key factors for innova-tion and competitiveness are skilled engineering analysis and reliable software; however, no refer-ence community exists for the extrusion analyst and there is no common base for evaluating com-mercial code capabilities. With the organization of the extrusion benchmark developers and users of finite element simulation for prediction of material flow or temperature fields have been asked to come together as a reference community in order to analyze the experimental work.