Prof. W³odzimierz PRZYBYLSKI, Dr. Jerzy WOJCIECHOWSKI:
In: IUL Interner Bericht


Joining of tubular elements can be performed by use of different methods but internal expanding presents an interesting alternative to other ones which are electromagnetic forming and mechanical forming. Special feature of this method is lack of undesired heat effects, cleanness and quick joining procedure along with easy implementation into practice. The report presents a research work executed on the influence of Design Characteristics of the joint Partner Elements and especially of grooving and pocketing on the tensile and torsional strength of tubular joints produced by hydrobulging of aluminium 6060. Comparative test were made on the influence of the glue, glass pearls and elektrokorund introduced to the interface zone. The research work referred to the previous research work performed by the authors in the frame of the programme of the DFG Collaborative Research Centre TRANSREGIO 10.