Kleiner, M.; Schomäcker, M.; Schikorra, M.; Klaus, A.:
In: Extrusion Technology 2004, Orlando, USA


For advanced applications in the area of lightweight constructions, an extrusion process is presented which allows to embed reinforcing elements like high strength steel wire into an aluminium alloy during direct extrusion using a modified die. The fusion of the reinforcing elements with the basic material takes place in the welding chamber in the area of the developing longitudinal welds. For optimal results, the choice of reinforcing material and the design of the welding chamber to control the material flow is crucial. The paper describes the fundamental process, the experimental set-up, and results as well as the simulation by means of FE-modelling. The subsequent use of forming methods like stretching or bending is not or only partially applicable to reinforced profiles since the reinforcing elements cannot be subjected to considerable deformations. The bending process can cause a tearing of the reinforcing elements. Discontinuities of the reinforcing elements have a negative effect on the mechanical properties of the extruded profiles. An application of the innovative process of rounding during extrusion yields better results.