Klaus A.; Kleiner M.:
In: Light Metal Age, "The International Magazine of the Light Metal Industry" Volume 62 No.7, July/August 2004


The use of extruded aluminum profiles is widely established in almost every field of application, especially in the transportation and civil engineering sector. As an alternative to the conventional and well established process chain, a couple of innovative process variants have been developed to manufacture curved profiles directly during the extrusion process. A patent, filed in 1994 by Kleiner, describes a procedure using a conventional die and deflecting the strand by a generalized moveable guiding tool. This patent has been developed and researched into at the Chair of Forming Technology. This paper will deal with the most important results concerning this patent. They were achieved within different research projects considering the process principle as well as improvement of accuracy and process reliability. Furthermore, an outlook will be given as to future research activities. The developments presented here led this technology to the edge of industrial use at Erbslöh AG, Velbert (Germany), the current owner of this patent.